Monday 27 November, 2017

Hi music lovers and welcome to my personal blog.

I am Rich James (christened Richard - and my mum still calls me that!) and I own and run an independent Electronic Music record label. Well… 4 labels to be exact under one company Pink Dolphin Music Ltd.

I will be using this blog to write short posts about (mainly) the music I like to listen to at home. This will include many artists (and maybe labels) - both mainstream and independent - not affiliated with any of our labels. Often the style will be Electronic music in nature, but not exclusively. I love Rock, Pop, Reggae, Ska, Orchestral, occasionally Hip-hop as well.

I hope you will discover new music to stream or buy, especially that by the underground independent artists and labels like ours who thrive on your support.

Grab a cuppa (or something stronger) and enjoy.

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Thanks Smily Dutch Girl

Your blog looks very professional and I look forward to reading lots of your articles :)


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