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Trium Circulorum

This year (2017), I found a tape via a wonderful indie label Romeda Records. It was by Kanal Drei from Germany. Topography Of Invisible Threads was the first in a 3 cassette trilogy by Kanal Drei. A few months ago I added the second cassette in the series to my collection.

The music is Techno based, but far more atmospheric than club tracks. I call this Ambient Dub Techno. The effect that these 2 tapes had on me was profound. Firstly, they opened up a new genre for me to listen to and secondly, they began to inspire me to begin to try something a bit different in my own personal music making.

Shortly after, I found out that Kanal Drei was a project by a German producer and musician who also created music under many other names. His current main name is Trium Circulorum and the music released under this name is my personal favourite. Still the Ambient Dub Techno elements - a Techno basis is a common theme - but with sprawling, Ambient/Industrial textures interwoven. Over the past few months, I have snapped up 4 more Trium Circulorum cassette tapes and also countless digital releases from this artist name, 3dtorus and 3rd Witness (also the same producer).

The music of Trium Circulorum helps me to focus my mind. It is also endlessly inspirational to me with my own compositions.

I shall be eagerly awaiting every new release from all his artist names.

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