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Monster Thread

This will (I hope), change the way you find great new music to enjoy. Introducing the #MonsterThread Playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

I was introduced to this MASSIVE playlist on Spotify (The Big One) by its’ creator and initial curator Jon Magnusson. Jon is a folk/rock musician from Sweden (and his own personal music is fantastic). He contacted me via Twitter and asked if I wished to have any tracks from our label included. I looked into it and replied with a resounding “YES!”

The #MonsterThread Playlist - The Big One is a huge beast of a playlist taking in many, many different genres including folk, rock, metal, pop, electronic, dance, etc. The idea behind it is that you follow the playlist on either Spotify or Deezer and play it. Jon recommends (and I agree) playing it on Random or Shuffle mode so you get a good mix of tracks from all parts of the playlist, not just the beginning. You can join the Facebook group here and select up to 5 songs, either by yourself if you’re a musician or by your favourite independent artists, and request that they be added. Play the playlist as often as you can (you can even cheekily set it to play then mute the sound and do something else!) as you will find new artists, new genres and new songs to enjoy. You will also be helping every single artist included gain more plays for their songs and help them get recognition by the tastemakers who recommend tracks for high profile playlists.

So, tell ALL your friends and make your recommendations! Together we can create magic, help out independent artists and labels and enjoy some great music.

Follow the #MonsterThread Playlist on Spotify here

Follow the #MonsterThread Playlist on Deezer here

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